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  • Medical service

    Thermal springs of Tskaltobo have a special property:

    when moved to another place, the water loses healing qualities. Therefore baths are arranged directly at the spring, which means that no hotel in Tskaltubo has its own therapy baths. To avoid any discomfort for the guests, "Tskaltubo Plaza" provides free transportation to the points of thermal sources where guests can receive all the necessary treatments.

    Tskaltubo waters are used to treat about 70 diseases.

    Methods of treatment using Tskaltubo thermal waters are as follows:

    • Duration of treatment 10-20 days
    • Patient is assigned 1 and 2 baths every 2 days
    • 1 treatment course consists of 20-30 baths
    • Duration of each bath treatment - 20 minutes

    Before deciding what type of baths you need to have, you have to consult a doctor who will serve on the spot. Specific bath procedures are to be prescribed only after your medical examination.

    One of the important places among the therapeutic treatments of the resort Tskaltubo takes Speleotherapy. It was in Tskaltubo where for the first time the White Cave was used for medical purpose. In addition to the White Cave, there are several other unique caves of global significance on the territory of Tskaltubo that provide an opportunity for a wide range of Speleotherapy treatment usage.

    Cost of the treatment depends on the specific procedure program that must be determined by a physician. The cost of each procedure ranges from 3 to 20 USD.

List of Curable Diseases


List of Procedures

  • Mineral water baths
  • Horizontal extension of the spine in mineral waters
  • Underwater (hydro) massage in mineral waters
  • Physiotherapy in mineral waters
  • Physiotherapy in the hall
  • Classic massage by hands
  • Gynecological irrigation using mineral waters
  • Hydro-vibro massage in mineral waters
  • Circular shower using mineral water
  • Outbound shower using mineral waters
  • Shower "Marko" using mineral waters
  • Physiotherapy
  • Inhalation
  • Mud baths
  • Manual therapy in mineral waters
  • Therapeutic mud baths (heliotherapy)

SPA Center

As most of the hotel guests come to Tskaltubo to undergo health and wellness procedures, “Tskaltubo Plaza” offers guests other health services to complement their bath therapy which are private doctor consultations, Finnish sauna, massage cabinet, gym and other medical services.