Thermal waters

Medical service

Tskaltubo waters are used to treat about 70 diseases.

Methods of treatment using Tskaltubo thermal waters are as follows:

Duration of treatment 10-20 days; Patient is assigned 1 and 2 baths every 2 days; 1 treatment course consists of 20-30 baths; Duration of each bath treatment - 20 minutes

Before deciding what type of baths you need to have, you have to consult a doctor who will serve on the spot. Specific bath procedures are to be prescribed only after your medical examination

One of the important places among the therapeutic treatments of the resort Tskaltubo takes Speleotherapy. It was in Tskaltubo where for the first time the White Cave was used for medical purpose. In addition to the White Cave, there are several other unique caves of global significance on the territory of Tskaltubo that provide an opportunity for a wide range of Speleotherapy treatment usage.

List of Curable Diseases


Gynecological diseases

Prevention of urological and/or andrology diseases

Diseases developed as a result of the damage of the endocrine system and metabolism